General SWD Information

Overview and Identification: Summarizes the concern about spotted wing drosophila and contains photographs that illustrate the differences between SWD adults and other local fruit fly species.

Natural History: Discusses the life cycle of SWD and explains how environmental conditions and nearby crops can affect presence and numbers of SWD.

Monitoring: Describes how to monitor for SWD adults in fields and SWD larvae in fruit, and provides details on how to store and ship samples should identification from others be needed.

Management: Discusses cultural practices for minimizing populations and chemical options that will provide effective control for growers of susceptible crops.

Spotted Wing Drosophila – A New Pest of Blueberries in New Jersey

Northeast Spotted Wing Drosophila Damage Assessment for 2012

Available Management Resources

Western United States

Midwestern United States

Eastern United States