A female fly penetrates fruit with its large serated ovipositor, leaving a small puncture wound. Infested fruit then becomes brown, soft, and sunken and will typically develop microbial growth at the puncture site.

SWD puncture wound in a blueberry. Carolyn Teasdale, ES Cropconsult.
Blueberry fruit with a developing SWD inside. Note the brown, soft, and sunken quality to the fruit. Mark Longstroth, MSU Extension
SWD larvae developing inside blueberry fruit. Carolyn Teasdale, ES Cropconsult.















The most important component of a management regime for SWD involves intensive monitoring for the presence of adult flies. Several homemade and commercial traps are available for SWD control, as well as several bait and lure formulations. Below is a list of extension resources detailing current management protocols for SWD from several states in different crops.

Homemade and commercially available traps used to monitor and control adult Drosophila suzukii. (a) Clear, plastic, 20 oz. deli-cup trap baited with apple cider vinegar with red mesh coverings on the two side openings, (b) a similar clear, plastic,  deli-cup trap containing apple cider vinegar and a sticky card to capture flies. (c) Another homemade trap except that this trap utilizes a red 12 oz. Solo cup trap with numerous holes punctures around the lid as entry points, (d) Pherocon trap, (e) Dorso Pro trap, (f) ISCA trap, (g) Contech trap. Pictures were contributed by Robert Holdcraft and permission was granted from Andermatt Biocontrol for use of their Drosa Pro image.

Commercially available baits and lures used to trap adult Drosophila suzukii including (a) apple cider vinegar, (b) yeast typically added to sugar and water, (c)  torula yeast tablets from ISCA Technologies, (d) Suzukii Trap bait, (e) DrosaLure, (f)  Pherocon SWD Dual Lure, (g) Pherocon SWD lure, (h) and Scentry Lure. Pictures were contributed by Robert Holdcraft and permission was granted from Andermatt Biocontrol for use of their DrosaLure image.



















Available Management Resources

Western United States
University of California - General SWD IPM
Colorado State University - General SWD IPM
Oregon State University - Specific SWD IPM in Oregon Blueberry

Midwestern United States
Michigan State University - Specific SWD IPM in Michigan cherry and blueberry
University of Wisconsin - General SWD IPM
University of Minnesota - Specific SWD IPM for the Midwestern U.S.

Eastern United States
Cornell University - Specific SWD IPM in New York blueberry and grape. This site also contains an active SWD distribution map for New York
University of Maine - Monitoring blog of SWD in Maine caneberry